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Connemara Cottage

A Self Catering Cottage for two in Joyce Country, Connemara

Amelia Joyce, the owner of this luxury property, loves all things Italian. Foreign accents, notably Italian and Mexican, bestow warmth to this charming retreat. Rough plastered walls and a rich palette dictated by oriental rugs, show off works of art, pottery and ceramics. The big sitting room has sink-in armchairs before a lovely turf fire.  In the generous bedroom, the bed linen is luxuriously Italian. French doors and windows open to garden vistas and the waters of Lough Corrib.

Special Attractions In Connemara.  Amelia's Favourites:

Angeling:    Fishermen come from all over the world to fish Lough Corrib.  Sir William Wilde, father of Oscar,  wrote a book titled 'Lough Corrib' published in l872.  The Wilde family  had  a home 'Moytura House' near Headford and a hunting lodge called 'Illaunroe (attached by a causeway to the mainland) in Lough Fee near Leenane.  Here, Oscar learned to fish. 

Walking:     Walk the 'The Western Way' a renowned walk that starts close to Amelia's cottage on the Glann Road and ends at Maam - l4km. Or take 'The Western Way' which descends to Lough Inagh Valley...a sight which captures your heart forever.
Swimming:  Take a dip in Lough Na Foohey.  Surrounded by the wild symphony of rugged mountains.  There is a sorrow here but also a sharp beauty, a man goes cold with the beauty of it and is glad to be alone.
Picnicking: Take your picnic basket and drive to Delphi which owes it's name to the Marquis of Sligo, who returning from the Grand Tour, named his fishing Lodge Delphi.  In ancient times, Delphi was considered to be the centre of the known world, the place where heaven and earth met.  This was where man was closest to God and Delphi in Mayo is exactly that place.

Golf: A fine 18 hole golf club is just minutes away.

Retaurants: Excellent resturants are located nearby.

Who better than to show off the highlights of Connemara than a Joyce from Joyce Country - A name boldly imprinted on the map of Connemara. The Ancient clan has been around forever...well, at least since 1169. This cottage has been featured in several top European magazines.




Featured in...

Amelia has had several years experience in the field of interiors.  Her cottage has  been featured in many magazines and has been rated in the Guardian Newspaper as one of the special places to stay in Ireland.