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The owner of this cottage, a warm and vibrant lady called Amelia is originally from Leenane herself and is full of stories of the history of Connemara and it's people.  It is clearly a place that she holds dear to her heart, though she has travelled extensively throughout her life. ' I have been most fortunate to have lived in some very special places.' she says. 'I believe I could live  almost anywhere in the world but my choice of place to live out my vintage years would have to be my beloved Connemara.'
Ur Dream Home - September 2007
Cosy Cottage in Connemara
Lorraine Cryan. Photographer - Lorraine Cryan

Most of the furnishings throughout the cottage came from Mexico.  While living in La Jolla, in Southern California, Amelia was located only twenty minutes from Mexico.  She designed most of the furniture in the cottage herself and had it made there. 'I particularly admire Mexican wrought iron because it has great heft to it which is almost impossible to find today.  Also, the pottery that comes from Mexico is unique and looks as if has been around for a thousand years'. One pot in particular, on display in the gallery, looks as if it came from an archeological dig but in fact it's only about ten years old.
Up Stairs Downstairs - October/November 04
The Return of a Native
Trudy McDermott. Photographer - Joe Geoghegan

With several years experience in the field of interiors, Amelia had a clear vision of how the house should look, and designed the entire property herself.  Once again, she used the local grapevine to source an excellent team of builders and craftsmen. 'They admitted that they hadn't tackled many properties like this, but they took to the project with gusto and we worked well together'.
25 Beautifful Homes - November 2009
A Twist in The Tale
Marie McMillen. Photographer - Ashley Morrison


The grandeur of the landscape may be enough soul food in itself - Amelia built this incredible romantic old-style retreat on top of a hill where the land slopes down to world-famous Lough Corrib...

Guardian Newspaper - February 2007
Green with Envy - 20 Special Places to Stay in Ireland
Alastair Sawday



Connemara cottage is a most inviting cottage for two, rentable for stays of a week or longer. Except for the bleating of sheep in the next field, there’s nothing traditional about it. Owner Amelia Joyce, who has designed interiors from California to Tuscany, has created a romantic ambiance with the warmth and color of sunnier climates than Galway, along with a host of comforts. French doors separate the large living room from an equally spacious bedroom. Oriental rugs are scattered on teakwood floors and an elegant armoire conceals TV and DVD player. Many of the furnishings and accessories -- art, ceramics, wrought iron works -- were brought back from Amelia’s travels. Kitchen and bathroom, though compact, are well equipped and have nooks and open shelves for easy access. We appreciated a number of thoughtful details such as a handsome wicker picnic basket, a stack of turf for the open fireplace and relevant reading material including Oscar Wilde, Lady Gregory, Yeats and Synge. If I were a Michelin Guide, I would hang five stars on Connemara Cottage.

Passport to Travel Newsletter - U.S.A. - August 2009
Special Report: Connemara, Ireland
Marie Whitla O'Reilly - Photographer and Travel Consultant


Amelia loves the Mexican and Spanish style homes often found in California and felt that this would translate well to her new home and cottage in Ireland.  " The style is often quite simple and relaxed with particular attention to things like terracotta flooring, deep window sills, thick walls, shutters and so on". With several years experience in interior design, Amelia had a very clear vision of how the house should look. "Sometimes it's that one final touch that makes a room work.  In my living room, it's the Italian tapestry cushions.  The fabric cost me a king's ransom but worth every penny!"  says Amelia.  But where will her inspiration be drawn  from next? "My surroundings. I am surrounded by the grandeur of the landscape, the most beautiful living painting you can imagine. Especially when the dawn breaks over Lough Corrib." 
Ireland home Interiors - July 2010
Coming Home
Marie McMillen. Photographer - Ashley Morrison